Thats why you need a surveillance camera

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Today, we count on about 245 homes in Sweden encounter burglary - every day.

Studies show that the most common intrusion way into your home is through windows or balcony / patio door.

Accommodation in a house exposed to a greater extent than residents of apartments

It is much more common that burglaries occur on weekdays (63%) than on weekends. Likewise, it is common for burglaries in homes takes place in the daytime (64%).

It is also so that over 25% of all residential burglaries reported someone was at home when the burglary occurred.

During the past decade, the total number of reported burglaries increased by no less than 52%. The level of reported burglaries villa is now 76% higher than ten years ago.

That today secure themselves and their homes, we see as a matter of course on the property camera.

We take your security seriously and we offer only the best products for you to be able to feel safe with not only your residential security, but also your own.

Our products are the world leader in innovation, quality and design and get many awards around the world when they set the standard for surveillance cameras.

With the same requirements as the military on security evolve our surveillance cameras and robotic cameras to be safe over the Internet using 256-bit encryption.

They must also be easy to care for and installed in 1 minute, through its smart installer.

With face recognition also keeps the camera know that there is someone else in the home than those who should be there.

A camera from the Camera property is an investment in your safety.

You also receive a camera with a beautiful design, we see as a bonus, not entirely unimportant because it makes it easy to place the camera where it is most useful.


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