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What are the shipping options?

The delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose at checkout. If you choose Free Shipping delivery time is 3-4 days compared to 1-2 days if you choose Express shipping method. Goods that are not in stock, but must be ordered from the supplier has a longer delivery time. The delivery time for subscription orders is 5-10 days.

You can find information about current stock status for each product on our website. Notice of any deviations from the normal delivery time or information on the website, you get in connection with the order confirmation, or afterwards via separate e-mail. You then of course the right to waive, or modify your order. We can not offer any compensation because of a delay in delivery, apart from our supply guarantee. Our delivery guarantee means that we credit any shipping cost if we or the Post fail to deliver your goods on time (1-2 days for shipping method Express).

If your ordered item is out of stock, we reserve the right to send an equivalent product. This applies, for example, accessories such as cables, etc. Ie not the main products such as mobile phones, television, etc. If you are not happy with the replacement, you have full right of return, at no extra cost for the customer.

Should any of the products you ordered have a considerable longer delivery time than other products in your order, we can in some cases sharing your order. As a customer, you'll never pay more than the original shipment. You will not be charged any extra freight charges.

We stand for the transportation risk when we send something to you, which means we charge replace you with a new product in the resulting cargo damage or loss of the consignment. On a possible return to us, you as a customer for the transportation risk.

For Unclaimed packages we charge you 395 SEK for incurred expenses. Remember to always pick up your order within 14 days from the time your package has arrived at the mail proxy.

We offer the following shipping methods:
Letter / Varubrev - For orders with less weight and volume. Can be used on all payment methods except COD. Your order is delivered directly into your mailbox. Is the shipment of bulky will mailman either call in with you or leave a notification so you can collect the shipment at the nearest post office.

Registered mail - Delivery is to the nearest post office. The item will notify you via a mail-notice that the shipment has arrived. In order to redeem the item must be uninstalled and valid ID required. Uninstall can sometimes reach up to two business days after the shipment arrived at the delivery point. A registered letter will remain in post officers in 14 days of arrival date.

Parcel Post - Your order is delivered to your nearest post office. You will receive a notification via either SMS or mail-notice. We recommend that you fill in your mobile number for SMS notification in the cashier for the shortest possible delivery time. In order to bail out package requires that you bring valid identification. A postal package remains with the mail proxy for 14 days from date of arrival.

Parcel - Delivery is to your door non-holiday weekday between 09:00 and 16:00. DHL / Post Office will contact you to notify the appropriate utkörningsdag and approximate time. Remember to sign the appropriate phone as DHL / Post Office can reach you during the day. If you miss the reserved time, contact the post office or DHL to determine a new utkörningsdag. DHL / Post has the right to charge you the cost incurred.

Home delivery Stool - Heavier and larger items must be supplied with a pallet, which happens to street level non-holiday weekday between the hours of 9:30 to 11:30 pm and 13:30 to 15:30. DHL / Post Office will contact you to notify the appropriate utkörningsdag and approximate time. Remember to sign the appropriate phone as DHL / Post Office can reach you during the day. If you miss the reserved time, contact DHL / Post Office to determine a new utkörningsdag. DHL / Post has the right to charge you the cost incurred.

Business package - Delivery is the registered business address weekdays between 0800-1700. No notification occurs before. There is no on site that can accept delivery left a notice and the item can then be retrieved at Posten Business Centre or Posten Directory Central.

Download the store - Order your item online and then download at your convenience from any store. You will receive a notification via SMS when your product can be retrieved. Download the store does not offer for corporate clients. Make shopping hours.

If you live on a lantbrevbärarlinje and have chosen home delivery, Posten will leave a notice in your mailbox. Then you should contact entry on 0771-33 33 10 for the distribution of your order. Please note that delivery time will be a few days longer at lantbrevbärarlinje.

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We will send out newsletter at time to time to give you information about reduced prices, special offers or new cameras to give you as a customer the best information and service.

We do not sell och give your information to any 3rd party.

What is the Return Policy?

Whether you are buying online or in one of our stores, we offer you a 30-day right of withdrawal (Open purchase) from the date you received the goods.

What is the product packaging? Product packaging is a specially designed packaging that is unique to the product. It has pictures and texts to explain and clarify the functionality and features. It protects the product and its accessories.

To use the right, please let us know as soon as you know you want to cancel your purchase. Then send the goods to our return address below, or return it to any of our stock pile. Remember that you bear the risk if the product is damaged when it shipped back to us. Therefore, make sure that the product is well packaged. The original product box with a specially made inner packaging helps the product to remain stable during transport. Upon return, we recommend you to use a shipping container to thereby give extra protection to the product. In cases where the missing accessories or physical damage is found, we reserve the right to charge a fee to recover the goods to working order. NetOnNet refrain from making such a deduction if the product is returned in essentially unchanged.

How do I return my product? Contact our customer service to announce that you intend to make a return. You can also fill in the Consumer Agency form that you find here. Additional instructions on how to proceed can be found on the return form. In the use of your right to cancel, you as a customer for the return shipping. Other costs, such as cost of goods and freight from us to you will be refunded. You can also return the product to any of our stores. Property The camera will not bail out package for delivery. We recommend you to return the item in a way that allows the shipment arrives at our return address. Property The camera has no way to bail out package at the post office.

What is the Refund Policy?

Refund / credit.

A refund / credit must be made within 14 days from the time you told us on that you wish to use your right to cancel. In case the product is not supplied us immediately, we will administer the refund as soon as the product is available to us. Refunds can only be made to cards issued in Sweden and to the Swedish bank accounts. If you selected the invoice payment methods and have already paid the amount, please contact us for refund.

Customer obtains no right other than that supplied by the licenses or conditions that come with the respective software. The software may only be used in accordance with the terms of the accompanying license.